MEGAN by Skeyndor

The Future of Professional Aesthetics

What is MEGAN?

MEGAN represents an innovative treatment that synergises the benefits of cosmetics, advanced appliances, and manual massage. It stands as a remarkable approach to rejuvenating the skin, up to four times more effective than conventional regenerative methods.

This transformative treatment offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing and nurturing your skin. By harnessing an exceptional cellular regeneration process rooted in the deepest layers of skin tissue, MEGAN transcends the realm of science fiction, emerging as a technological reality. Developed by Skeyndor, it draws upon cutting-edge beauty science techniques that embody the culmination of five decades of dedicated research and expertise.

Treatments tailored to your needs

Facial treatment

Smoothing and Lifting Treatment

Tightens and redefines facial expression and smooths skin fold.

Filler Treatment

Fills wrinkles and boosts the skin's properties

Treatment for Blemishes

Targets blemishes caused by photo-ageing and free radicals

Brightening Treatment | Eye Contour

Revitalises and brightens the skin

Pore refining treatment

Cares for and repairs the skin's surface, keeping it free from impurities and greasy shine

Body treatment

Firming treatment

Helps to tighten, strengthen and firm body tissues

Reshaping treatment

Smooths orange peel skin and reduces thickness in stubborn areas

Tri Synergy Tech™

Introducing an unprecedented breakthrough: Tri Synergy Tech™ unites the complete capabilities of Hi-Freq, Dermaboost, and Deep RGB within an exclusive multi-treatment apparatus. This, coupled with the power of Hi-Tech Performing Cosmetics, establishes an unparalleled harmony, yielding truly remarkable outcomes. Witness the striking transformation in cosmetic treatments involving advanced devices, as seen in the remarkable before-and-after results.

Hi-Freq is a monopolar capacitive high-frequency current that induces vibrations within the vascular system and muscles. This intricate process leads to profound dermal heating, generated internally. As the temperature elevates, the skin’s permeability to active components amplifies, augmenting the liberation of revitalising agents like heat shock proteins. Furthermore, it facilitates the expulsion of retained fluids and toxins, fostering a cleansing effect on the skin.

Dermaboost constitutes the second pillar of the MEGAN protocol, and is divided into two different technologies. Firstly, Hydro-Dermaboost employs a medium-frequency monopolar current to heighten skin permeability, inducing a controlled movement of electrons. 

Meso-Dermaboost employs a medium-frequency bipolar current, creating momentary micropores within the cell membrane, opening the way for the active ingredients of Skeyndor’s Led Active concentrates.

The third pinnacle of MEGAN’s innovation involves LED emission technology, converting electrical energy into light. This light is directed onto the area of the skin treated with Led Active photostimulable concentrates. 

What adds intrigue is that each distinct light spectrum triggers a specific concentrate designed for varying goals: from purifying pores and enhancing radiance to revitalising elasticity, diminishing wrinkles, or addressing hyperpigmentation concerns.

Instant, long-lasting results


of users notice a skin improvement for longer


of users notice a more rejuvenated skin and instant results

*Results compared to their usual treatment.
Satisfaction test on 55 female users of MEGAN, 4 sessions. 

Hi-Tech Performance Cosmetics

Could the fusion of cosmetics and Tri Synergy Tech™ propel technology to new heights? Crafted with ingenuity, the intelligent formulations within Hi-Tech Performing Cosmetics, when paired with Tri Synergy Tech™ are specially designed to effectively deliver the active ingredients to the different layers of the skin, even the deepest ones. Your skin improves and regenerates in a remarkable way. The cosmetics of tomorrow are already here today and within your reach.”

Presenting Hi-Freq Gel, an exceptional thermal conductive gel engineered for peak performance. Designed to safeguard the skin while maximising the effect of Hi-Freq technology. Its water-free formula allows you to work at higher temperatures with greater safety and without bothersome electric arcs; less product is also needed as it does not evaporate.

Carefully curated ingredients are chosen to invigorate the skin, enhancing its resilience and providing unparalleled comfort. Enriched with Evodia Rutaecarpa, known for stimulating microcirculation and tissue nourishment.

Exclusively created for MEGAN, cutting-edge cosmetics embody precision, efficiency, and technological prowess. A lineup of seven extraordinary concentrates, each harnessed with specialised Cosmetic Drone technology. This technology stands as the pinnacle of modern active ingredient delivery systems, currently unrivalled in the market. Its microcapsules incorporate a cellular GPS that allows the active ingredient to pinpoint and reach the target cells that need to be treated.

Crafted from the mineral-rich thermal waters of Salies-de-Béarn, Led E-Gel embodies a nourishing blend of conductive mineral salts. This gel serves as a potent moisturiser, fortifier, and revitaliser during Dermaboost and Deep RGB technology treatments. Its attributes extend to shielding cells from oxidative stress, fostering skin rejuvenation and energy metabolism, while elevating the impact of light on the skin’s vitality.

Experience enduringly revitalised, smoother, and more resilient skin. Introducing Hi-Tech Performing Booster, an exclusive elixir featuring HSP47 PRO, a sophisticated blend meticulously crafted to amplify and prolong the impacts of MEGAN on the skin. Its key function revolves around activating the HSP47 thermal shock protein.

It provides multiple benefits: it stimulates the synthesis of extracellular matrix molecules, helps to fill wrinkles, increases firmness and elasticity, and redefines facial contours. Hi-Tech Performing Booster also produces a rapid soothing effect and has healing, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties, thanks to its reinforcement with B-Glucan, a post-biotic that protects against environmental damage.

MEGAN Before & After

Invest in your skin, it is going to represent you for a long time.

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