Non Surgical Thread Lift

No needles, incisions, cannulas, bruising or swelling…

The No-Needle TDN Solution

The no needle TDN solution penetrates into the dermal layers via a paracellular pathway, filling the area under the skin.

The thread fibre in the form of liquid is applied onto the epidermis surface. The ingredients are encapsulated and moved to the lower skin layers.
This process creates a lift based on melting (dissolving) threads.
When the threads are fully absorbed the thread rebuilds together to form a cushion, the treatment takes aprox 90 minutes. This treatment is relaxing yet the client will experience tightness and firmness.

After the procedure the skin becomes visibly lifted, more dense and elastic. As well as the product lightening and smoothing the facial contours, tone and minimising pores.

The threads are made from silkworm which has a fibroin protein called sericin, which is primarily used in medicine for wound suturing and tissue regeneration. It also has a natural infection resistance, and is used variably due to excellent biocompatibility, and thus is used commonly as a wound coagulant. When used in cosmetics, sericin has been found to improve skin elasticity and several anti-ageing factors, including an anti-wrinkle property. This is done by minimising water loss from the skin.

Before and After Dermal Thread Lift

Non surgical thread lift
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Frequently Asked Questions

Results last from 6-12 months. 3 treatments are recommended, one every 2-4 weeks. This will maximise production of collagen which in turn will allow results to last up to 18 months. Results peak at 4 weeks.

The treatment takes approximately 90 minutes. 

The treatment is painless and relaxing. 

Avoid the following for 7 days before your treatment:

  • Discontinue use of retinols
  • Waxing
  • Chemical Peels
  • Botox or fillers (allow 2 weeks or more if having any of these treatments)

Invest in your skin, it is going to represent you for a long time.

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